Commit 0c9e4815 authored by Benjamin Port's avatar Benjamin Port
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Dock with windows go below will be on top of all windows and same layer of above windows

parent 78d00f6d
......@@ -1068,8 +1068,8 @@ Layer XdgToplevelClient::layerForDock() const
case PlasmaShellSurfaceInterface::PanelBehavior::WindowsCanCover:
return NormalLayer;
case PlasmaShellSurfaceInterface::PanelBehavior::AutoHide:
return AboveLayer;
case PlasmaShellSurfaceInterface::PanelBehavior::WindowsGoBelow:
return AboveLayer;
case PlasmaShellSurfaceInterface::PanelBehavior::AlwaysVisible:
return DockLayer;
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