Commit 0dce25ba authored by Adriaan de Groot's avatar Adriaan de Groot 💬
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Consolidate target_link_libraries() calls

There's no reason I can find for the various calls to
target_link_libraries to be separate, separated by export headers
parent 131e8aaa
...@@ -687,11 +687,9 @@ set_target_properties(kwin PROPERTIES ...@@ -687,11 +687,9 @@ set_target_properties(kwin PROPERTIES
) )
target_link_libraries(kwin ${kwinLibs}) target_link_libraries(kwin ${kwinLibs} kwinglutils ${epoxy_LIBRARY})
generate_export_header(kwin EXPORT_FILE_NAME kwin_export.h) generate_export_header(kwin EXPORT_FILE_NAME kwin_export.h)
target_link_libraries(kwin kwinglutils ${epoxy_LIBRARY})
add_executable(kwin_x11 main_x11.cpp) add_executable(kwin_x11 main_x11.cpp)
target_link_libraries(kwin_x11 kwin KF5::Crash Qt5::X11Extras) target_link_libraries(kwin_x11 kwin KF5::Crash Qt5::X11Extras)
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