Commit 1dc40064 authored by Andrey Butirsky's avatar Andrey Butirsky
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[wayland] fix ignored keyboard RepeatRate

X11 can take float RepeatRate, Wayland - int only so the setting is to be
Should be indistinguishable on usual rates.

BUG: 443721

(cherry picked from commit 4395caa2)
parent 1b1aef83
......@@ -2366,7 +2366,7 @@ void InputRedirection::reconfigure()
auto inputConfig = m_inputConfigWatcher->config();
const auto config = inputConfig->group(QStringLiteral("Keyboard"));
const int delay = config.readEntry("RepeatDelay", 660);
const int rate = config.readEntry("RepeatRate", 25);
const int rate = int(config.readEntry("RepeatRate", 25.0));
const QString repeatMode = config.readEntry("KeyRepeat", "repeat");
// when the clients will repeat the character or turn repeat key events into an accent character selection, we want
// to tell the clients that we are indeed repeating keys.
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