Commit 20e22ec2 authored by Martin Flöser's avatar Martin Flöser

Deprecate global KWin::displayWidth and KWin::displayHeight

Actually they could go directly as nothing in KWin uses them anymore.
But there are more functions in kwinglobal which need to go as they
don't support restarting XWayland. So instead of breaking internal ABI
several times, just deprecate till everything is prepared.
parent 6168638c
......@@ -187,14 +187,14 @@ KWIN_EXPORT xcb_screen_t *defaultScreen()
KWIN_EXPORT int displayWidth()
xcb_screen_t *screen = defaultScreen();
return screen ? screen->width_in_pixels : 0;
KWIN_EXPORT int displayHeight()
KWIN_DEPRECATED_EXPORT int displayHeight()
xcb_screen_t *screen = defaultScreen();
return screen ? screen->height_in_pixels : 0;
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