Commit 213239a0 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii

[shadow] Rebuild quads after creation of shadow

If a shadow is installed for already rendered window, the shadow won't
be initially rendered because we don't rebuild window quad cache.

BUG: 398572
FIXED-IN: 5.14.0

Test Plan: Can't reproduce 398572 anymore.

Reviewers: #kwin, davidedmundson

Reviewed By: #kwin, davidedmundson

Subscribers: kwin

Tags: #kwin

Differential Revision:
parent 0a2e51db
......@@ -60,16 +60,15 @@ Shadow *Shadow::createShadow(Toplevel *toplevel)
if (!shadow && kwinApp()->x11Connection()) {
shadow = createShadowFromX11(toplevel);
if (shadow) {
if (!shadow) {
return nullptr;
if (toplevel->effectWindow() && toplevel->effectWindow()->sceneWindow()) {
if (shadow->hasDecorationShadow()) {
if (toplevel->effectWindow()) {
return shadow;
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