Commit 38df4ebc authored by Heiko Becker's avatar Heiko Becker
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Replace uint with unsigned int

Improves portability by avoiding the non-standard 'uint'. For example
this fixes building with musl libc:

".../kwin_wrapper.c:45:9: error: unknown type name 'uint';
    did you mean 'int'?"

(cherry picked from commit 7db93b7c)
parent 6f51a9cc
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ pid_t launch_kwin(struct wl_socket *socket, int argc, char **argv)
snprintf(fdString, sizeof(fdString) - 1, "%d", wl_socket_get_fd(socket));
char **args = calloc(argc + 6, sizeof(char *));
uint pos = 0;
unsigned int pos = 0;
args[pos++] = (char *)"kwin_wayland"; //process name is the first argument by convention
args[pos++] = (char *)"--wayland_fd";
args[pos++] = fdString;
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