Commit 3cf004b6 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Don't flush in SurfaceInterface::frameRendered()

Frame callbacks only indicate when the client can start rendering a new
frame, it's not meant to be precise. If the client wants to do some
black magic with frame scheduling and so on, it needs to use a protocol
such as presentation_time. This change removes the pointless flush to
prevent over-flushing client connections.
parent 5efebc3a
......@@ -426,7 +426,6 @@ QList<SurfaceInterface *> SurfaceInterface::surfaces()
void SurfaceInterface::frameRendered(quint32 msec)
// notify all callbacks
const bool needsFlush = !d->current.frameCallbacks.isEmpty();
while (!d->current.frameCallbacks.isEmpty()) {
KWaylandFrameCallback *frameCallback = d->current.frameCallbacks.takeFirst();
......@@ -439,9 +438,6 @@ void SurfaceInterface::frameRendered(quint32 msec)
if (needsFlush) {
QMatrix4x4 SurfaceInterfacePrivate::buildSurfaceToBufferMatrix(const State *state)
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