Commit 3dbfa6a3 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson

Return early if close button accepts input event

Otherwise we close the effect whenever the close is pressed which is a
behavioural change.

That in turn leads to bigger bugs

BUG: 415155

Test Plan:
Ran effect
Clicked on the "Whitespace" of the dash
Clicked on the close

Now matches desktopgrid code

Reviewers: #kwin, zzag, ngraham

Reviewed By: #kwin, zzag, ngraham

Subscribers: ngraham, zzag, kwin

Tags: #kwin

Differential Revision:
parent b94a78c4
......@@ -538,6 +538,7 @@ void PresentWindowsEffect::windowInputMouseEvent(QEvent *e)
if (!me) {
if (m_closeView) {
const bool contains = m_closeView->geometry().contains(me->pos());
if (!m_closeView->isVisible() && contains) {
......@@ -545,6 +546,9 @@ void PresentWindowsEffect::windowInputMouseEvent(QEvent *e)
if (e->isAccepted()) {
inputEventUpdate(me->pos(), me->type(), me->button());
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