Commit 41766d35 authored by Kevin Ottens's avatar Kevin Ottens Committed by Kevin Ottens
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Activities now accept AbstractClient, no need to downcast

Which means now it doesn't need to be limited to X11Clients only.
parent 228a6e44
......@@ -789,12 +789,7 @@ void UserActionsMenu::slotToggleOnActivity(QAction *action)
X11Client *c = dynamic_cast<X11Client *>(;
if (!c) {
Activities::self()->toggleClientOnActivity(c, activity, false);
Activities::self()->toggleClientOnActivity(m_client, activity, false);
if (m_activityMenu && m_activityMenu->isVisible() && m_activityMenu->actions().count()) {
const bool isOnAll = m_client->isOnAllActivities();
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