Commit 45486ce5 authored by Mikhail Vinogradov's avatar Mikhail Vinogradov Committed by Nate Graham
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tabbox: don't hide panels when highlighted as the only item in the tabbox

When we have 0 opened apps, tab box only shows "Show Desktop". That element is a
special entry in the alt+tab list for minimizing all windows. When highlighting
it, panels temporarily become hidden, which does not make sense to do when it is
the only item in the tab box. In this case, do not temporarily hide the panels.
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......@@ -169,7 +169,8 @@ void TabBoxHandlerPrivate::updateHighlightWindows()
q->elevateClient(lastRaisedClient, w, false);
lastRaisedClient = currentClient;
if (currentClient) {
// don't elevate desktop
if (currentClient && currentClient->internalId() != q->desktopClient().toStrongRef()->internalId()) {
q->elevateClient(currentClient, w, true);
} else {
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