Commit 4852474a authored by Xaver Hugl's avatar Xaver Hugl
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screencast: better solution for missing context on cursor move

There's no need to use tryEnqueue if we only update the cursor

(cherry picked from commit 1d1b218d)
parent 0d0a4574
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......@@ -482,18 +482,16 @@ void ScreenCastStream::recordCursor()
struct pw_buffer *buffer = pw_stream_dequeue_buffer(pwStream);
if (!buffer) {
m_pendingBuffer = pw_stream_dequeue_buffer(pwStream);
if (!m_pendingBuffer) {
struct spa_buffer *spa_buffer = buffer->buffer;
struct spa_buffer *spa_buffer = m_pendingBuffer->buffer;
spa_buffer->datas[0].chunk->size = 0;
(spa_meta_cursor *) spa_buffer_find_meta_data (spa_buffer, SPA_META_Cursor, sizeof (spa_meta_cursor)));
void ScreenCastStream::tryEnqueue(pw_buffer *buffer)
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