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compare with cend

we are searching between m_oldScreenGeometries.cbegin() and
m_oldScreenGeometries.cend(), so the result can't be compared
with m_oldScreenGeometries.end()
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......@@ -2255,7 +2255,7 @@ void Workspace::desktopResized()
const auto oldCursorOutput = std::find_if(m_oldScreenGeometries.cbegin(), m_oldScreenGeometries.cend(), [](const auto &geometry) {
return geometry.contains(Cursors::self()->mouse()->pos());
if (oldCursorOutput != m_oldScreenGeometries.end()) {
if (oldCursorOutput != m_oldScreenGeometries.cend()) {
const Output *cursorOutput = oldCursorOutput.key();
if (std::find(m_outputs.cbegin(), m_outputs.cend(), cursorOutput) != m_outputs.cend()) {
const QRect oldGeometry = oldCursorOutput.value();
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