Commit 52900dc2 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson
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[wayland] Fix surface unit test

Behaviour was fixed in c3f5f8ce. If an
item starts at 0,0 and is 100 pixels wide in normal geometry the 100th
pixel is not inside the rectangle.

SubSurface::testSurfaceAt was adjusted correctly but this was missed as
we test the same thing twice!
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......@@ -874,9 +874,9 @@ void TestWaylandSurface::testSurfaceAt()
// now the surface is mapped and surfaceAt should give the surface
QCOMPARE(serverSurface->surfaceAt(QPointF(0, 0)), serverSurface);
QCOMPARE(serverSurface->surfaceAt(QPointF(100, 100)), serverSurface);
QCOMPARE(serverSurface->surfaceAt(QPointF(99, 99)), serverSurface);
// outside the geometry it should not give a surface
QVERIFY(!serverSurface->surfaceAt(QPointF(101, 101)));
QVERIFY(!serverSurface->surfaceAt(QPointF(100, 100)));
QVERIFY(!serverSurface->surfaceAt(QPointF(-1, -1)));
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