Commit 58a83586 authored by Ismael Asensio's avatar Ismael Asensio Committed by Nate Graham
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kcm/screenedges: Fix default indicator for corner ratio

When setting the default value for `ElectricCornerRatio` in the UI form
we also need to update the default indicator for this field.

*Default value for this setting is 25%*

BUG: 448886
FIXED-IN: 5.24
parent b572aadf
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......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ void KWinScreenEdgesConfigForm::setElectricBorderCornerRatio(double value)
void KWinScreenEdgesConfigForm::setDefaultElectricBorderCornerRatio(double value)
m_defaultCornerRatio = value;
double KWinScreenEdgesConfigForm::electricBorderCornerRatio() const
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