Commit 5f5dbc51 authored by Martin Flöser's avatar Martin Flöser
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[server] Compare ClientConnection instead of wl_client in SeatInterface

A downstream KWin test shows a possible heap-use-after-free if we
access the wl_client pointer. Basically we get the client disconnected
just before the focused surface gets unbind. Thus for a short moment
the ClientConnection pointer is gone. This needs to be extended with
a test case, but for the moment it should be good enough to get KWin
green again.
parent f4f27251
......@@ -349,14 +349,15 @@ void SeatInterface::Private::getPointer(wl_client *client, wl_resource *resource
// TODO: only create if seat has pointer?
PointerInterface *pointer = new PointerInterface(q, resource);
pointer->create(display->getConnection(client), qMin(wl_resource_get_version(resource), s_pointerVersion), id);
auto clientConnection = display->getConnection(client);
pointer->create(clientConnection, qMin(wl_resource_get_version(resource), s_pointerVersion), id);
if (!pointer->resource()) {
delete pointer;
pointers << pointer;
if (globalPointer.focus.surface && globalPointer.focus.surface->client()->client() == client) {
if (globalPointer.focus.surface && globalPointer.focus.surface->client() == clientConnection) {
// this is a pointer for the currently focused pointer surface
if (!globalPointer.focus.pointer) {
globalPointer.focus.pointer = pointer;
......@@ -385,7 +386,8 @@ void SeatInterface::Private::getKeyboard(wl_client *client, wl_resource *resourc
// TODO: only create if seat has keyboard?
KeyboardInterface *keyboard = new KeyboardInterface(q, resource);
keyboard->create(display->getConnection(client), qMin(wl_resource_get_version(resource), s_keyboardVersion) , id);
auto clientConnection = display->getConnection(client);
keyboard->create(clientConnection, qMin(wl_resource_get_version(resource), s_keyboardVersion) , id);
if (!keyboard->resource()) {
delete keyboard;
......@@ -396,7 +398,7 @@ void SeatInterface::Private::getKeyboard(wl_client *client, wl_resource *resourc
keyboard->setKeymap(keys.keymap.fd, keys.keymap.size);
keyboards << keyboard;
if (keys.focus.surface && keys.focus.surface->client()->client() == client) {
if (keys.focus.surface && keys.focus.surface->client() == clientConnection) {
// this is a keyboard for the currently focused keyboard surface
if (!keys.focus.keyboard) {
keys.focus.keyboard = keyboard;
......@@ -423,14 +425,15 @@ void SeatInterface::Private::getTouch(wl_client *client, wl_resource *resource,
// TODO: only create if seat has touch?
TouchInterface *touch = new TouchInterface(q, resource);
touch->create(display->getConnection(client), qMin(wl_resource_get_version(resource), s_touchVersion), id);
auto clientConnection = display->getConnection(client);
touch->create(clientConnection, qMin(wl_resource_get_version(resource), s_touchVersion), id);
if (!touch->resource()) {
delete touch;
touchs << touch;
if (touchInterface.focus.surface && touchInterface.focus.surface->client()->client() == client) {
if (touchInterface.focus.surface && touchInterface.focus.surface->client() == clientConnection) {
// this is a touch for the currently focused touch surface
if (!touchInterface.focus.touch) {
touchInterface.focus.touch = touch;
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