Commit 65b878f6 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Fix AbstractClient::adjustedSize() for wayland windows with no committed buffer

AbstractClient::constrainClientSize() forces the minimum client size of

If AbstractClient::adjustedSize() is called before the XdgToplevelClient
is mapped, it will return 1x1 rather than 0x0 as expected, which will

    QSize s = adjustedSize();
    if (s != size() && s.isValid())

in AbstractClient::applyWindowRules(). Since 1x1 is different from 0x0,
the xdg-toplevel surface is going to be resized to 1x1.

BUG: 443705

(cherry picked from commit ff3465a8)
parent f6938af0
......@@ -3596,7 +3596,12 @@ void AbstractClient::checkOffscreenPosition(QRect* geom, const QRect& screenArea
QSize AbstractClient::adjustedSize() const
return clientSizeToFrameSize(constrainClientSize(clientSize()));
QSize size = clientSize();
// The client size is unknown until the window is mapped, don't constrain it.
if (!size.isEmpty()) {
size = constrainClientSize(size);
return clientSizeToFrameSize(size);
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