Commit 6af5a5e6 authored by Rodney Dawes's avatar Rodney Dawes
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inputmethod: If KWIN_IM_SHOW_ALWAYS variable is set, show the keyboard

To allow for easier testing in development and for debugging purposes, when
the KWIN_IM_SHOW_ALWAYS environment variable is set, treat it as allowing
the keyboard to be shown, even when not using touch input.
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......@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@ void InputMethod::hide()
bool InputMethod::shouldShowOnActive() const
return input()->touch() == input()->lastInputHandler()
static bool alwaysShowIm = qEnvironmentVariableIntValue("KWIN_IM_SHOW_ALWAYS") != 0;
return alwaysShowIm || input()->touch() == input()->lastInputHandler()
|| input()->tablet() == input()->lastInputHandler();
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