Commit 6e734a1f authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Remove needless current state copy

If nothing has been committed to the cached state, no changes to the
current state will be done.

If a synchronized sub-surface has been committed, the pending state will
be merged with the cached state. The latter state will be applied when
the parent surface is committed.
parent c55de7b7
......@@ -207,19 +207,6 @@ SubSurfaceInterface::SubSurfaceInterface(SurfaceInterface *surface, SurfaceInter
surfacePrivate->subSurface = this;
// copy current state to subSurfacePending state
// it's the reference for all new pending state which needs to be committed
surfacePrivate->cached = surfacePrivate->current;
surfacePrivate->cached.blurIsSet = false;
surfacePrivate->cached.bufferIsSet = false;
surfacePrivate->cached.childrenChanged = false;
surfacePrivate->cached.contrastIsSet = false;
surfacePrivate->cached.inputIsSet = false;
surfacePrivate->cached.opaqueIsSet = false;
surfacePrivate->cached.shadowIsSet = false;
surfacePrivate->cached.slideIsSet = false;
connect(surface, &SurfaceInterface::destroyed, this, [this]() { delete this; });
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