Verified Commit 73747759 authored by ivan tkachenko's avatar ivan tkachenko
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Amend "effects/Overview: Use SearchField from PlasmaExtras"

This commit amends 4eefd27f.

Changes were pushed to the wrong branch, so the MR got merged not in its
final state.

(cherry picked from commit 574b51f0)
parent d14e7d8e
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......@@ -203,8 +203,6 @@ FocusScope {
anchors.centerIn: parent
width: Math.min(parent.width, 20 * PlasmaCore.Units.gridUnit)
focus: true
placeholderText: i18nd("kwin_effects", "Search...")
clearButtonShown: true
Keys.priority: Keys.BeforeItem
Keys.forwardTo: text && heap.count === 0 ? searchResults : heap
onTextChanged: {
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