Commit 77b678c5 authored by Ismael Asensio's avatar Ismael Asensio
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XDGShellClient: Protect from invalid frameGeometry on updateDecoration

When updating window decoration do not try to restore the previous frameGeometry
if it was invalid.

This fixes the case when applying a `noBorder=true` rule on a newly created
client would set it to a minimal window size

Targeted at 5.23 only, since this codepath is being reworked for 5.24

BUG: 445140
FIXED-IN: 5.23.5
parent 69b2fa1b
......@@ -637,7 +637,7 @@ void XdgToplevelClient::updateDecoration(bool check_workspace_pos, bool force)
if (check_workspace_pos) {
if (check_workspace_pos && oldFrameGeometry.isValid()) {
const QRect oldGeometryRestore = geometryRestore();
checkWorkspacePosition(oldFrameGeometry, oldClientGeometry);
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