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xdgactivation: Properly prevent disabled activation notifications

The logic when checking the settings was wrong and it would always
notify unless both keys were actually disabled.

BUG: 454937
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......@@ -78,8 +78,10 @@ QString XdgActivationV1Integration::requestToken(bool isPrivileged, SurfaceInter
if (const QString desktopFilePath = Window::findDesktopFile(appId); !desktopFilePath.isEmpty()) {
KDesktopFile df(desktopFilePath);
Window *window = Workspace::self()->activeWindow();
showNotify = (!window || appId != window->desktopFileName())
&& (df.desktopGroup().readEntry("StartupNotify", true) || df.desktopGroup().readEntry("X-KDE-StartupNotify", true));
if (!window || appId != window->desktopFileName()) {
const auto desktop = df.desktopGroup();
showNotify = desktop.readEntry("X-KDE-StartupNotify", desktop.readEntry("StartupNotify", true));
icon = QIcon::fromTheme(df.readIcon(), QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("system-run")));
m_currentActivationToken.reset(new ActivationToken{newToken, isPrivileged, surface, serial, seat, appId, showNotify, waylandServer()->plasmaActivationFeedback()->createActivation(appId)});
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