Commit 7b65aa91 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson
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[libkwineffects] Remove broken copy constructor of AniData

This doesn't copy everything, it misses the ID which breaks

Given it's just a direct copy of members the auto-generated one does a
better job
parent d1430367
......@@ -60,22 +60,6 @@ AniData::AniData(AnimationEffect::Attribute a, int meta_, int ms, const FPx2 &to
AniData::AniData(const AniData &other)
: attribute(other.attribute)
, curve(other.curve)
, customCurve(other.customCurve)
, from(other.from)
, to(
, time(other.time)
, duration(other.duration)
, meta(other.meta)
, startTime(other.startTime)
, windowType(other.windowType)
, waitAtSource(other.waitAtSource)
, keepAtTarget(other.keepAtTarget)
static FPx2 fpx2(const QString &s, AnimationEffect::Attribute a)
bool ok; float f1, f2;
......@@ -32,7 +32,6 @@ public:
AniData(AnimationEffect::Attribute a, int meta, int ms, const FPx2 &to,
QEasingCurve curve, int delay, const FPx2 &from, bool waitAtSource, bool keepAtTarget = false);
AniData(const AniData &other);
explicit AniData(const QString &str);
inline void addTime(int t) { time += t; }
inline bool isOneDimensional() const {
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