Commit 8ba77139 authored by David Edmundson's avatar David Edmundson Committed by Vlad Zahorodnii
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Fix truncation in quad clipping

Transforms may not be on the logical grid in the case of CSD clients
with scaling.
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......@@ -288,15 +288,14 @@ static WindowQuadList clipQuads(const Item *item, const SceneOpenGL::RenderConte
const WindowQuadList quads = item->quads();
if (context->clip != infiniteRegion() && !context->hardwareClipping) {
const QPoint offset = context->, 0));
const QPointF offset = context->, 0));
WindowQuadList ret;
// split all quads in bounding rect with the actual rects in the region
for (const WindowQuad &quad : qAsConst(quads)) {
for (const QRect &r : qAsConst(context->clip)) {
const QRectF rf(r.translated(-offset));
const QRectF rf(QRectF(r).translated(-offset));
const QRectF quadRect(QPointF(quad.left(),, QPointF(quad.right(), quad.bottom()));
const QRectF &intersected = rf.intersected(quadRect);
if (intersected.isValid()) {
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