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backends/drm: re-create gamma ramps if necessary when switching crtcs

The gamma ramp size of different crtcs is not guaranteed to be the same,
so the gamma blob may need to be re-created
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......@@ -615,6 +615,9 @@ static const QMap<uint32_t, QVector<uint64_t>> legacyFormats = {{DRM_FORMAT_XRGB
void DrmPipeline::setCrtc(DrmCrtc *crtc)
if (crtc && m_pending.crtc && crtc->gammaRampSize() != m_pending.crtc->gammaRampSize() && m_pending.colorTransformation) {
m_pending.gamma = QSharedPointer<DrmGammaRamp>::create(crtc, m_pending.colorTransformation);
m_pending.crtc = crtc;
if (crtc) {
m_pending.formats = crtc->primaryPlane() ? crtc->primaryPlane()->formats() : legacyFormats;
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