Commit 8d588f16 authored by Rodney Dawes's avatar Rodney Dawes
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inputpanel: Compensate the 1px difference in height for panel position

It seems there is a 1px offset in the availableArea height, so compensate
by subtracting an extra pixel from the input panel height, to avoid a gap
below the panel.

Fixes teams/plasma-mobile/issues#150
parent 64f81110
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......@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ void InputMethodTest::testOpenClose()
Test::render(, toplevelConfigureRequestedSpy.last().first().value<QSize>(), Qt::red);
QCOMPARE(window->frameGeometry().height(), 1024 - keyboardClient->inputGeometry().height());
QCOMPARE(window->frameGeometry().height() - 1, 1024 - keyboardClient->inputGeometry().height());
// Hide the keyboard
......@@ -96,7 +96,9 @@ void KWin::InputPanelV1Window::reposition()
panelSize = panelSize.boundedTo(availableArea.size());
QRect geo(availableArea.bottomLeft() - QPoint{0, panelSize.height()}, panelSize);
// bottomLeft appears to be 1px off, so take an extra pixel off the
// input panel height, to even things back out
QRect geo(availableArea.bottomLeft() - QPoint{0, panelSize.height() - 1}, panelSize);
geo.translate((availableArea.width() - panelSize.width()) / 2, availableArea.height() - outputArea.height());
} break;
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