Commit 8f2520e0 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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x11: Emit missing geometry changed signals for Unmanaged

Otherwise the scene might miss some geometry updates and render override
redirect windows distorted.
parent 90c6ba20
...@@ -1374,7 +1374,9 @@ void Unmanaged::configureNotifyEvent(xcb_configure_notify_event_t *e) ...@@ -1374,7 +1374,9 @@ void Unmanaged::configureNotifyEvent(xcb_configure_notify_event_t *e)
QRect old = m_frameGeometry; QRect old = m_frameGeometry;
m_clientGeometry = newgeom; m_clientGeometry = newgeom;
m_frameGeometry = newgeom; m_frameGeometry = newgeom;
emit frameGeometryChanged(this, old); // update shadow region emit bufferGeometryChanged(this, old);
emit clientGeometryChanged(this, old);
emit frameGeometryChanged(this, old);
addRepaintFull(); addRepaintFull();
if (old.size() != m_frameGeometry.size()) if (old.size() != m_frameGeometry.size())
discardWindowPixmap(); discardWindowPixmap();
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