Commit 9169445b authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii Committed by Nate Graham
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effects: Fix interpolated values for redirected animations

If a redirected animation reaches the end, the timeline value will be 0,
i.e. the interpolated() function has to return the from value, not `to`.

BUG: 438368

(cherry picked from commit 61159d94)
parent c5b07a65
......@@ -727,11 +727,7 @@ void AnimationEffect::postPaintScreen()
float AnimationEffect::interpolated( const AniData &a, int i ) const
if (a.startTime > clock())
return a.from[i];
if (!a.timeLine.done())
return a.from[i] + a.timeLine.value() * ([i] - a.from[i]);
return[i]; // we're done and "waiting" at the target value
return a.from[i] + a.timeLine.value() * ([i] - a.from[i]);
float AnimationEffect::progress( const AniData &a ) const
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