Commit 9965ca7f authored by Marco Martin's avatar Marco Martin Committed by Nate Graham
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Reset the count while the user keeps moving the mouse

re-trigger the edge *only* if the user keeps the mouse still for at
least edges()->reActivationThreshold() - edges()->timeThreshold()

so that the user has to actually keep moving.
if the user keeps moving the cursor in the direction of the edge, it
wion't continuously retrigger it

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......@@ -295,6 +295,8 @@ bool Edge::check(const QPoint &cursorPos, const QDateTime &triggerTime, bool for
if (m_lastTrigger.isValid() && // still in cooldown
m_lastTrigger.msecsTo(triggerTime) < edges()->reActivationThreshold() - edges()->timeThreshold()) {
// Reset the time, so the user has to actually keep the mouse still for this long to retrigger
m_lastTrigger = triggerTime;
return false;
// no pushback so we have to activate at once
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