Commit 99c5f0ae authored by Chaojiang Luo's avatar Chaojiang Luo Committed by David Edmundson
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fix: Restore full screen window to the right screen

We should use the geometry restore to check the full screen workspace
to make sure the window is on the right screen.
    1.plug extend display, change to Extend mode
    2.start a window, move to extend display, change to fullscreen
    3.unplug the extend display the extend display
Now, the full screen window do not restore to the extend display
parent 44b2a3f8
......@@ -3142,7 +3142,7 @@ void AbstractClient::checkWorkspacePosition(QRect oldGeometry, int oldDesktop, Q
if (!oldClientGeometry.isValid())
oldClientGeometry = oldGeometry.adjusted(border[Left], border[Top], -border[Right], -border[Bottom]);
if (isFullScreen()) {
QRect area = workspace()->clientArea(FullScreenArea, this);
QRect area = workspace()->clientArea(FullScreenArea, geometryRestore().center(), desktop());
if (frameGeometry() != area)
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