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updateAllowedActions when going in/out fullscreen

when going in/out of fullscreen call updateAllowedActions to notify the
decoration of eventual allowed actions changed. this makes the shade
button reappear as needed

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......@@ -392,7 +392,7 @@ class KWIN_EXPORT Window : public QObject
* Whether the Window can be shaded. The property is evaluated each time it is invoked.
* Because of that there is no notify signal.
Q_PROPERTY(bool shadeable READ isShadeable)
Q_PROPERTY(bool shadeable READ isShadeable NOTIFY shadeableChanged)
* Whether the Window is shaded.
......@@ -2443,7 +2443,6 @@ void X11Window::updateAllowedActions(bool force)
// TODO: This could be delayed and compressed - It's only for pagers etc. anyway
// ONLY if relevant features have changed (and the window didn't just get/loose moveresize for maximization state changes)
const NET::Actions relevant = ~(NET::ActionMove | NET::ActionResize);
if ((allowed_actions & relevant) != (old_allowed_actions & relevant)) {
......@@ -4619,6 +4618,7 @@ void X11Window::setFullScreen(bool set, bool user)
updateWindowRules(Rules::Fullscreen | Rules::Position | Rules::Size);
Q_EMIT clientFullScreenSet(this, set, user);
Q_EMIT fullScreenChanged();
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