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effects/private: Fix ExpoLayout reflowing in Desktop Grid while dragging

This fixes makes ExpoLayout independent of its position on a screen,
which in turn stops it from randomly reflowing while dragging a virtual
desktop across desktop grid. It also removes an unwanted animation at
the end of activation of desktop grid: desktops move in place and then
windows proceed to adjust themselves resulting in a double animation.

FIXED-IN: 5.25.5 5.26
parent 97939cea
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......@@ -178,8 +178,8 @@ Item {
id: cell
layout: windowHeap.layout
enabled: !thumb.hidden
naturalX: thumb.client.x - targetScreen.geometry.x - windowHeap.layout.Kirigami.ScenePosition.x
naturalY: thumb.client.y - targetScreen.geometry.y - windowHeap.layout.Kirigami.ScenePosition.y
naturalX: thumb.client.x
naturalY: thumb.client.y
naturalWidth: thumb.client.width
naturalHeight: thumb.client.height
persistentKey: thumb.client.internalId
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