Commit afdd5b84 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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effects/blur: Remove leftovers after blur cache

The original purpose of m_damageArea was to indicate which region of the
blur cache became dirty and needs to be updated. However, we no longer
need to keep track of damaged area since the blur cache was removed.
parent 0d3c20d3
......@@ -471,7 +471,6 @@ void BlurEffect::uploadGeometry(GLVertexBuffer *vbo, const QRegion &blurRegion,
void BlurEffect::prePaintScreen(ScreenPrePaintData &data, int time)
m_damagedArea = QRegion();
m_paintedArea = QRegion();
m_currentBlur = QRegion();
......@@ -499,8 +498,6 @@ void BlurEffect::prePaintWindow(EffectWindow* w, WindowPrePaintData& data, int t
data.clip = newClip;
const QRegion oldPaint = data.paint;
// we don't have to blur a region we don't see
m_currentBlur -= newClip;
// if we have to paint a non-opaque part of this window that intersects with the
......@@ -518,8 +515,6 @@ void BlurEffect::prePaintWindow(EffectWindow* w, WindowPrePaintData& data, int t
// blur everything
if (m_paintedArea.intersects(expandedBlur) || data.paint.intersects(blurArea)) {
data.paint |= expandedBlur;
// we keep track of the "damage propagation"
m_damagedArea |= (w->isDock() ? (expandedBlur & m_damagedArea) : expand(expandedBlur & m_damagedArea)) & blurArea;
// we have to check again whether we do not damage a blurred area
// of a window
if (expandedBlur.intersects(m_currentBlur)) {
......@@ -529,12 +524,6 @@ void BlurEffect::prePaintWindow(EffectWindow* w, WindowPrePaintData& data, int t
m_currentBlur |= expandedBlur;
// we don't consider damaged areas which are occluded and are not
// explicitly damaged by this window
m_damagedArea -= data.clip;
m_damagedArea |= oldPaint;
// in contrast to m_damagedArea does m_paintedArea keep track of all repainted areas
m_paintedArea -= data.clip;
m_paintedArea |= data.paint;
......@@ -89,8 +89,7 @@ private:
bool m_renderTargetsValid;
long net_wm_blur_region;
QRegion m_damagedArea; // keeps track of the area which has been damaged (from bottom to top)
QRegion m_paintedArea; // actually painted area which is greater than m_damagedArea
QRegion m_paintedArea; // keeps track of all painted areas (from bottom to top)
QRegion m_currentBlur; // keeps track of the currently blured area of the windows(from bottom to top)
int m_downSampleIterations; // number of times the texture will be downsized to half size
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