Commit b0132022 authored by Marco Martin's avatar Marco Martin Committed by Vlad Zahorodnii
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Don't check for workspace->initializing()

the existence of Window is bound to the one of workspace so it
will always be there.
We also need to check the window sizes before workspace is done
otherwise when KWin restarts and there are maximized windows, they won't
be resized to take panels into account and will always span the full

(cherry picked from commit e853f5fe)
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......@@ -3990,15 +3990,6 @@ void Window::checkWorkspacePosition(QRectF oldGeometry, const VirtualDesktop *ol
oldGeometry = newGeom;
// this can be true only if this window was mapped before KWin
// was started - in such case, don't adjust position to workarea,
// because the window already had its position, and if a window
// with a strut altering the workarea would be managed in initialization
// after this one, this window would be moved
if (!workspace() || workspace()->initializing()) {
VirtualDesktop *desktop = !isOnCurrentDesktop() ? desktops().constLast() : VirtualDesktopManager::self()->currentDesktop();
if (!oldDesktop) {
oldDesktop = desktop;
......@@ -124,7 +124,6 @@ Workspace::Workspace()
, was_user_interaction(false)
, block_focus(0)
, m_userActionsMenu(new UserActionsMenu(this))
, workspaceInit(true)
, m_sessionManager(new SessionManager(this))
, m_focusChain(std::make_unique<FocusChain>())
, m_applicationMenu(std::make_unique<ApplicationMenu>())
......@@ -270,11 +269,6 @@ void Workspace::init()
connect(server, &WaylandServer::windowRemoved, this, &Workspace::removeWaylandWindow);
// SELI TODO: This won't work with unreasonable focus policies,
// and maybe in rare cases also if the selected window doesn't
// want focus
workspaceInit = false;
// broadcast that Workspace is ready, but first process all events.
QMetaObject::invokeMethod(this, "workspaceInitialized", Qt::QueuedConnection);
......@@ -720,8 +720,6 @@ private:
static Workspace *_self;
bool workspaceInit;
std::unique_ptr<KStartupInfo> m_startup;
std::unique_ptr<ColorMapper> m_colorMapper;
......@@ -812,11 +810,6 @@ inline QList<Output *> Workspace::outputs() const
return m_outputs;
inline bool Workspace::initializing() const
return workspaceInit;
inline Window *Workspace::activeWindow() const
return m_activeWindow;
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