Commit baf0f7b8 authored by Xaver Hugl's avatar Xaver Hugl
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backends/drm: add fallback for systems without gbm modifier support

It was missing for lease outputs, which causes all atomic tests to fail

BUG: 454961
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......@@ -40,6 +40,10 @@ bool DrmLeaseEglGbmLayer::checkTestBuffer()
modifiers << mod;
newBo = gbm_bo_create_with_modifiers(m_pipeline->gpu()->gbmDevice(), size.width(), size.height(), DRM_FORMAT_XRGB8888, modifiers.constData(), mods.count());
if (!newBo && errno == ENOSYS) {
// gbm implementation doesn't support modifiers
newBo = gbm_bo_create(m_pipeline->gpu()->gbmDevice(), size.width(), size.height(), DRM_FORMAT_XRGB8888, GBM_BO_USE_SCANOUT);
if (newBo) {
m_framebuffer = DrmFramebuffer::createFramebuffer(std::make_shared<GbmBuffer>(m_pipeline->gpu(), newBo));
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