Commit bc9df67c authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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platforms/wayland: Present buffers even if nothing has been changed

Present buffers event if nothing has been changed on the screen because
we want to receive the frame callback.
parent 58cb4de1
......@@ -378,22 +378,6 @@ void EglWaylandBackend::endFrame(int screenId, const QRegion &renderedRegion, co
EglWaylandOutput *output = m_outputs[screenId];
QRegion damage = damagedRegion.intersected(output->m_waylandOutput->geometry());
if (damage.isEmpty()) {
// If the damaged region of a window is fully occluded, the only
// rendering done, if any, will have been to repair a reused back
// buffer, making it identical to the front buffer.
// In this case we won't post the back buffer. Instead we'll just
// set the buffer age to 1, so the repaired regions won't be
// rendered again in the next frame.
if (!renderedRegion.intersected(output->m_waylandOutput->geometry()).isEmpty()) {
output->m_bufferAge = 1;
presentOnSurface(output, damage);
if (supportsBufferAge()) {
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