Commit c04b2aa3 authored by Andrey Butirsky's avatar Andrey Butirsky
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[tabbox] fix non-working global shortcuts overrides

static cuts[] array was initialized only once with copies of non-const
objects, so when new shortcuts are configured, the old objects were still
Fixed by having non-static array instead, so actual objects are copied
on the init every time.

BUG: 359141

(cherry picked from commit 471d635f)
parent 44539bce
......@@ -1327,7 +1327,7 @@ void TabBox::keyPress(int keyQt)
TabBoxWindowsMode, TabBoxWindowsAlternativeMode,
TabBoxCurrentAppWindowsMode, TabBoxCurrentAppWindowsAlternativeMode
static const QKeySequence cuts[2*ModeCount] = {
const QKeySequence cuts[2*ModeCount] = {
// forward
m_cutWalkThroughWindows, m_cutWalkThroughWindowsAlternative,
m_cutWalkThroughCurrentAppWindows, m_cutWalkThroughCurrentAppWindowsAlternative,
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