Commit c43b25bd authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Fix minor issues in XdgShellClient::updateClientOutputs

Fix minor coding style issues and drop redundant qAsConst (const
containers don't detach).
parent 35fe3cb6
......@@ -1969,11 +1969,11 @@ void XdgShellClient::popupDone()
void XdgShellClient::updateClientOutputs()
QVector<OutputInterface*> clientOutputs;
QVector<OutputInterface *> clientOutputs;
const auto outputs = waylandServer()->display()->outputs();
for (OutputInterface* output: qAsConst(outputs)) {
const QRect outputGeom(output->globalPosition(), output->pixelSize() / output->scale());
if (frameGeometry().intersects(outputGeom)) {
for (OutputInterface *output : outputs) {
const QRect outputGeometry(output->globalPosition(), output->pixelSize() / output->scale());
if (frameGeometry().intersects(outputGeometry)) {
clientOutputs << output;
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