Commit cdafb5d0 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Remove irrelevant workarounds

We have a local fork of qtwaylandscanner so we don't need any quirks to
handle inert resources.
parent 6dd131d8
......@@ -112,20 +112,6 @@ XdgOutputV1Interface::XdgOutputV1Interface(OutputInterface *output, QObject *par
// Starting from 5.15.2, qtwaylandscanner properly handles destruction of inert/orphaned resources.
// Generated code typically cleans up resource objects when the client calls the relevant destructor
// In multi-cast mode our wrapper can be deleted at any time whilst a client resource exists.
// any existing resources that have a pending message will then crash the compositor.
// Deleting resources ahead of time also resolves this. calls to this resource will no-op
const QMultiMap<struct ::wl_client*, QtWaylandServer::zxdg_output_v1::Resource*> resourceMap = d->resourceMap();
for (auto resource : resourceMap)
void XdgOutputV1Interface::setLogicalSize(const QSize &size)
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