Commit d9784a5f authored by Fabian Vogt's avatar Fabian Vogt
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xwayland: Also write a FamilyWild entry to the Xauthority file

This is needed to deal with hostname changes during lifetime of a session.

(cherry picked from commit 7c325b74)
parent 26e73360
......@@ -435,9 +435,7 @@ static QByteArray generateXauthorityCookie()
bool Xwayland::writeXauthorityEntries()
const quint16 family = 256; // FamilyLocal
const QByteArray address = QHostInfo::localHostName().toUtf8();
const QByteArray hostname = QHostInfo::localHostName().toUtf8();
const QByteArray display = QByteArray::number(m_display);
const QByteArray name = QByteArrayLiteral("MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1");
const QByteArray cookie = generateXauthorityCookie();
......@@ -445,7 +443,11 @@ bool Xwayland::writeXauthorityEntries()
QDataStream stream(&m_authorityFile);
writeXauthorityEntry(stream, family, address, display, name, cookie);
// Write entry with FamilyLocal and the host name as address
writeXauthorityEntry(stream, 256 /* FamilyLocal */, hostname, display, name, cookie);
// Write entry with FamilyWild, no address
writeXauthorityEntry(stream, 65535 /* FamilyWild */, QByteArray{}, display, name, cookie);
return stream.status() == QDataStream::Ok && m_authorityFile.flush();
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