Commit dd55a59d authored by Roman Gilg's avatar Roman Gilg

Leave decoration on touch up only once

With 05ca6c97 removing all touch points always induces
an at surface change to null. But the decoration leave event
is already sent in the decoration input filter. Do not send
it again in the cleanup function.

This makes the decoration input test pass again.

Reviewed by David Edmundson as part of review of 05ca6c97.
parent 05ca6c97
......@@ -142,13 +142,10 @@ void TouchInputRedirection::cleanupInternalWindow(QWindow *old, QWindow *now)
void TouchInputRedirection::cleanupDecoration(Decoration::DecoratedClientImpl *old, Decoration::DecoratedClientImpl *now)
if (old) {
// send leave event to old decoration
QHoverEvent event(QEvent::HoverLeave, QPointF(), QPointF());
QCoreApplication::instance()->sendEvent(old->decoration(), &event);
// nothing to do
void TouchInputRedirection::insertId(quint32 internalId, qint32 kwaylandId)
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