Commit df913bdc authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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Remove some unintuitive code in AbstractClient::setQuickTileMode()

After calling setMaximize(), the window should cover the maximize area.
The commit message of 516ea863 doesn't
explain why only the y coordinate is enforced or why the x coordinate is
not enforced.

In order to make some sense of the code, this change removes the semi-
random enforcement of the y coordinate.
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......@@ -3087,12 +3087,6 @@ void AbstractClient::setQuickTileMode(QuickTileMode mode, bool keyboard)
QRect prev_geom_restore = geometryRestore(); // setMaximize() would set moveResizeGeom as geom_restore
m_quickTileMode = int(QuickTileFlag::Maximize);
setMaximize(true, true);
QRect clientArea = workspace()->clientArea(MaximizeArea, this);
if (moveResizeGeometry().top() != {
QRect r(moveResizeGeometry());
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