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[x11] Fix loading monitor edid

i is the counter for the crtc loop, not the monitor loop

This fixes loading the edid for all monitors and thus the output identifier effect
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......@@ -566,8 +566,8 @@ void X11StandalonePlatform::doUpdateOutputs()
bool ok;
if (auto data = edids[i].toByteArray(&ok); ok && !data.isEmpty()) {
if (auto edid = Edid(data, edids[i].data()->num_items); edid.isValid()) {
if (auto data = edids[j].toByteArray(&ok); ok && !data.isEmpty()) {
if (auto edid = Edid(data, edids[j].data()->num_items); edid.isValid()) {
information.manufacturer = edid.manufacturerString();
information.model = edid.monitorName();
information.serialNumber = edid.serialNumber();
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