Commit e6d2bc15 authored by Erik Kurzinger's avatar Erik Kurzinger
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platforms/drm: set read buffer in GbmSurface::makeContextCurrent

The first time the GBM backend's EGL context is made current after
creation, both the read and draw surfaces are set to EGL_NO_SURFACE.
This will set the GL read and draw buffers to GL_NONE in accordance with
the EGL spec.

When a real surface is later made current, however, the spec is arguably
unclear on whether the read and draw buffers should remain set to
GL_NONE or whether they should be restored to the default GL_BACK.  The
Mesa driver does the latter, the NVIDIA driver does the former.

To work around this difference, Kwin has an explicit call to
glDrawBuffer in GbmSurface::makeContextCurrent. It does not have a
corresponding call to glReadBuffer, though, which can cause some desktop
effects such as background contrast to render incorrectly with the
NVIDIA driver. This change adds that missing call.
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......@@ -75,6 +75,7 @@ bool GbmSurface::makeContextCurrent() const
if (!GLPlatform::instance()->isGLES()) {
return true;
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