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backends/drm: fix enabled+inactive check

When dpms disabled outputs get set active, they require a modeset. If after
that they are set inactive again without resetting the pipelines first,
they no longer require a modeset but still have the pending properties that
would enable a crtc - but without a framebuffer set.

To prevent this, first test the current setup as it is, and only then see
if the pipelines would work if enabled again.

(cherry picked from commit 6d9d4c19)
parent cb5981a1
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......@@ -432,22 +432,22 @@ bool DrmGpu::testPendingConfiguration()
bool DrmGpu::testPipelines()
// pipelines that are enabled but not active need to be activated for the test
QVector<DrmPipeline *> inactivePipelines;
for (const auto &pipeline : qAsConst(m_pipelines)) {
if (!pipeline->active()) {
inactivePipelines << pipeline;
std::copy_if(m_pipelines.constBegin(), m_pipelines.constEnd(), std::back_inserter(inactivePipelines), [](const auto pipeline) {
return pipeline->enabled() && !pipeline->active();
const auto unused = unusedObjects();
bool test = DrmPipeline::commitPipelines(m_pipelines, DrmPipeline::CommitMode::Test, unused);
// disable inactive pipelines again
for (const auto &pipeline : qAsConst(inactivePipelines)) {
if (!inactivePipelines.isEmpty() && test) {
// ensure that pipelines that are set as enabled but currently inactive
// still work when they need to be set active again
for (const auto pipeline : qAsConst(inactivePipelines)) {
test = DrmPipeline::commitPipelines(m_pipelines, DrmPipeline::CommitMode::Test, unused);
for (const auto pipeline : qAsConst(inactivePipelines)) {
return test;
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