Commit f6f4a296 authored by Guenther Grau's avatar Guenther Grau Committed by Vlad Zahorodnii
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Fix argument order for clientMaximizedStateChanged

Arguments for clientMaximizedStateChanged were incorrect in window.cpp.
They are correct in xdgshellclient.cpp and window.h

BUG: 380836
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......@@ -1586,7 +1586,7 @@ void Window::setMaximize(bool vertically, bool horizontally)
const MaximizeMode newMode = maximizeMode();
if (oldMode != newMode) {
Q_EMIT clientMaximizedStateChanged(this, newMode);
Q_EMIT clientMaximizedStateChanged(this, vertically, horizontally);
Q_EMIT clientMaximizedStateChanged(this, horizontally, vertically);
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