Commit f70a2c79 authored by Aleix Pol Gonzalez's avatar Aleix Pol Gonzalez 🐧 Committed by Rodney Dawes
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inputmethod: fix placing the virtual keyboard at the bottom

We should use the output area as the margin size as where to position
rather than the panelSize.

This ensures that the keyboard ends up in the right place right above
the panels.

(cherry picked from commit 4c9c5f9f)
parent bac4f4ed
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......@@ -81,22 +81,24 @@ void KWin::InputPanelV1Client::reposition()
QRect availableArea;
QRect outputArea;
if (m_output) {
outputArea = m_output->geometry();
if (waylandServer()->isScreenLocked()) {
availableArea = m_output->geometry();
availableArea = outputArea;
} else {
availableArea = workspace()->clientArea(MaximizeArea, this, m_output);
} else {
availableArea = workspace()->clientArea(MaximizeArea, this);
outputArea = workspace()->clientArea(FullScreenArea, this);
panelSize = panelSize.boundedTo(availableArea.size());
QRect geo(availableArea.topLeft(), panelSize);
geo.translate((availableArea.width() - panelSize.width())/2, availableArea.height() - panelSize.height());
geo.translate((availableArea.width() - panelSize.width())/2, availableArea.height() - outputArea.height());
} break;
case Overlay: {
auto textInputSurface = waylandServer()->seat()->focusedTextInputSurface();
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