Commit f7b1edc7 authored by Xaver Hugl's avatar Xaver Hugl
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tabbox: don't dismiss popups

The glitches that dismissing popups was supposed to prevent are apparently
no longer present.

BUG: 446318
(cherry picked from commit 94b0ca81)
parent ae6cda29
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......@@ -1020,10 +1020,6 @@ void TabBox::navigatingThroughWindows(bool forward, const QKeySequence &shortcut
// CDE style raise / lower
} else {
workspace()->forEachAbstractClient([](Toplevel *toplevel) {
if (toplevel->isPopupWindow())
if (areModKeysDepressed(shortcut)) {
if (startKDEWalkThroughWindows(mode))
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