Commit fbb7c241 authored by Roman Gilg's avatar Roman Gilg
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Revert "Composite without timer on swap events"

This reverts commit 00bf75d0.

parent 14702651
...@@ -384,30 +384,8 @@ void Compositor::startupWithWorkspace() ...@@ -384,30 +384,8 @@ void Compositor::startupWithWorkspace()
void Compositor::scheduleRepaint() void Compositor::scheduleRepaint()
{ {
if (m_state != State::On) { if (!compositeTimer.isActive())
// Don't repaint if all outputs are disabled
if (!kwinApp()->platform()->areOutputsEnabled()) {
// TODO: Make this distinction not on the question if there is a swap event but if per screen
// rendering? On X we get swap events but they are aligned with the "wrong" screen if
// it the primary/first one is not the one with the highest refresh rate.
// But on the other side Present extension does not allow to sync with another screen
// anyway.
if (m_scene->hasSwapEvent()) {
// TODO: If we don't call it back from the event loop we often crash on Wayland
// in AnimationEffect::postPaintScreen. Why?
// Theory is that effects call addRepaintFull in there and then performCompositing
// is called again while still in the first paint. So queing it here makes sense!
QTimer::singleShot(0, this, [this]() { performCompositing(); });
} else {
setCompositeTimer(); setCompositeTimer();
} }
void Compositor::stop() void Compositor::stop()
...@@ -788,7 +766,16 @@ bool Compositor::windowRepaintsPending() const ...@@ -788,7 +766,16 @@ bool Compositor::windowRepaintsPending() const
void Compositor::setCompositeTimer() void Compositor::setCompositeTimer()
{ {
if (compositeTimer.isActive()) { if (m_state != State::On) {
// Don't start the timer if we're waiting for a swap event
if (m_bufferSwapPending && m_composeAtSwapCompletion)
// Don't start the timer if all outputs are disabled
if (!kwinApp()->platform()->areOutputsEnabled()) {
return; return;
} }
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