Commit fc1b33ce authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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effects/zoom: Schedule a fullscreen repaint if stopped zooming

On Wayland, screens are repainted independent of each other. If zooming
animation stops on one screen, other screens may still be stuck in the
zoomed state and therefore result in potential flickering. Issue a full
screen repaint when zooming stops to ensure that other screens are
repainted with "unscaled" contents.

BUG: 454407
Part-of: <!2472>

(cherry picked from commit 1f6d9d48)
parent c6de3db5
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......@@ -429,11 +429,15 @@ void ZoomEffect::paintScreen(int mask, const QRegion &region, ScreenPaintData &d
void ZoomEffect::postPaintScreen()
if (zoom != target_zoom) {
} else {
if (zoom == target_zoom) {
lastPresentTime = std::chrono::milliseconds::zero();
if (zoom == 1.0 || zoom != target_zoom) {
// Either animation is running or the zoom effect has stopped.
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