Commit fccbfd86 authored by Vlad Zahorodnii's avatar Vlad Zahorodnii
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wayland: Simplify borderless maximized window handling

setNoBorder() checks window rules and it doesn't have an immediate
effect on the geometry.
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......@@ -1674,11 +1674,7 @@ void XdgToplevelClient::changeMaximize(bool horizontal, bool vertical, bool adju
if (options->borderlessMaximizedWindows()) {
// triggers a maximize change.
// The next setNoBorder interation will exit since there's no change but the first recursion pullutes the restore geometry
changeMaximizeRecursion = true;
setNoBorder(rules()->checkNoBorder(m_requestedMaximizeMode == MaximizeFull));
changeMaximizeRecursion = false;
setNoBorder(m_requestedMaximizeMode == MaximizeFull);
if (quickTileMode() == QuickTileMode(QuickTileFlag::None)) {
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